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Eye Exams by Our Optometrist in Richardson

Routine eye exams avert vision, health and learning problems for people of all ages. In addition to providing vision correction that improves your performance, they identify diseases and systemic conditions (such as diabetes) affecting more than eyesight.

Woman getting an eye exam in Richardson.

Dr. David R. Frazee, O.D., is a clinic for the entire family. Dr. Frazee specializes in therapeutic optometry, including vision problems created by diabetes. His extensive training in vision care combined with our state-of-art equipment provide comprehensive testing on which you can rely whether young or old.

Getting an Eye Test in Richardson

Annual eye tests are important at all ages, even before a child begins school. Children who have never had comprehensive eye exams may not mention vision problems because they think everyone sees the world as they do. But blurry vision in class and on the playing field causes a child to fall behind and lose self-esteem.

Aside from corrective lenses, a pediatric exam may show that therapy is necessary for a condition such as misalignment of the eyes (strabismus), which may lead to overuse of one eye and weak use of the other (lazy eye or amblyopia).

In the middle of life, many adults who think of themselves as having 20-20 vision fall away from annual exams until they become aware that their vision is changing. This can be dangerous because some eye diseases and conditions don't exhibit symptoms in the beginning.

By age 60, change may occur rapidly. As you get older, you need to be particularly proactive about keeping up with eye exams, especially if you notice a problem.

As Dr. Frazee notes, it's best to identify conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration early so an optometrist can help slow their progress. Also, a discussion with your eye doctor about cataracts -- cloudy spots on the eyes' normally clear lenses -- helps in deciding when to seek surgical removal.

Virtual Tour of a Richardson Eye Exam

Dr. Frazee is a Richardson eye doctor who is thorough about gathering information before making diagnoses. To communicate the basics of his eye exam, our website offers a virtual tour of an exam.

The first step in the exam involves pre-tests conducted by our well-trained technicians who use high-tech equipment to perform a variety of tasks, including retinal imaging.

Dr. Frazee reviews the pre-test data, then continues testing with other optometric tools that provide the magnification and bright light necessary to do the following: determine refraction (how your eyes bend light and what prescription you need); view optic nerve health; and microscopically view your cornea, iris, lens, and eyelids.

After the exam, Dr. Frazee answers any remaining questions. Then it's time for fitting contacts or selecting frames.

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We want to help you. Please feel free to request an appointment online with Dr. Frazee or call us at 972-669-4141. Our clinic is open Monday through Friday.