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Designer Sunglasses in Richardson

We here at David R. Frazee, O.D have a wide variety of high fashion frames for our patients in Richardson. Many people are so enamored by the idea of sporting the latest designer frames in the hottest colors that they completely forget that sunglasses are more than must-have accessories. Sunglasses are vital to eye health and safety. They can help prevent irreversible eye damage that threatens eyesight. If you are looking for your new pair of sunglasses in Richardson, our optometrist, Dr David Frazee, can not only examine your eyes, he can prescribe and fit you with a pair of prescription shades.

The Importance of Sunglasses

While most people equate sunglasses with spring and summer, they are a necessity all year round. They are especially important for driving purposes. Sun glare in particular is a hazard for various reasons.

  • It is distracting, especially when it's a result of your sunglasses' lens reflection.

  • It makes you squint and which can result in eye fatigue.

  • It blinds you when it is caused by sunlight reflecting off a smooth surface such as pavement, snow, or water.

  • It disables you when it is a result of bright intense sunlight.

These last two instances are especially dangerous if you are behind the wheel of a car, but all four examples are reasons you need to buy sunglasses with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses work extraordinarily well to filter out reflected glare from shiny surfaces or bodies of water, snow, or your car's dashboard. They also improve visibility and contrast while reducing eye strain and squinting.

You probably are aware that sunlight hurts your eyes by exposing them to harmful ultra violet rays, but did you know that UV light is present on cloudy days as well. Just as unprotected skin can fall victim to the sun, in the form of sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer, unprotected exposure to UV rays over extended periods of time can increase your chances of developing cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. When you buy sunglasses with 100% UV protection lenses, you are reducing your risk of falling victim to these hazards. Sunglasses with large lenses or wrap around frames offer extra protection.

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Designer Frames from Your Optometrist in Richardson

We are thrilled to announce we have stocked a variety of sunglass collections, and all your favorite designers and brand names are represented.

  • Kate Spade
  • Jonathan Adler
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Carrera
  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • Modo
  • Kuali
  • Maui Jim
  • Rayban
  • BMW
  • Float

Constant technology advances and style options can give you a competitive edge in seeing better and looking your best. There has never been a better time for building an eyewear collection that fits your lifestyle and your personality. And the best part of it is they are available in the same place where you come to get your eyes examined - here at the office of your optometrist in Richardson!

For more information on choosing sunglasses and frames that are best for you, come see us. Call 972-669-4141 today!