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Pink Eye Treatment at an Optometrist in Richardson

Bacterial and viral infections in the eye can be disconcerting, but they’re often not severe. One of these infections, pink eye, can affect patients of all ages. If you have a case of this eye condition and it has persisted for more than a week, you should think about seeing an optometrist in Richardson for treatment.

Kid with pink eye in Richardson, TX.

What Is Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis or pink eye is named such because the patient’s eye often turns pink. This bacterial infection affects the eyelid’s mucous membrane or the conjunctiva. A patient with this eye condition may have itchy eyes, but the more they rub the eye, the worse symptoms get.

What Causes It?

There are plenty of causes of conjunctivitis. If you have allergies, these could trigger the itchiness and redness. Chemical conjunctivitis from prolonged contact with smoke, fumes, and other chemicals can also lead to symptoms.

If you recently spent a sunny or windy day outside, these weather conditions can irritate the eye. Dry eye, where your eyes cannot produce enough of their own natural tears, is another culprit. Lastly, any bacterial or viral infection can cause this condition.

Pink Eye Treatment

For many, their pink eye clears up on its own. That said, it can take a week or longer for that to happen. This eye infection can be passed on to other people, so you might not want to wait that long for pink eye treatment.

Our optometrist will start with a few diagnostic tests to confirm conjunctivitis. Most of the time, prescription eye drops should treat symptoms within a few days.

Of course, there are some instances in which this condition needs more immediate treatment. Bacterial pink eye from gonorrhea, cat-scratch disease, Haemophilus influenza, and staph infections may lead to such symptoms as upper eyelid drooping and swelling, eye pain, and eye drainage.

Then there’s viral pink eye, which can be worsened by those who use contacts, have lost vision in an eye, and have an impaired immune system. The itching, redness, and discomfort may stick around for weeks at a time, which is concerning. Other symptoms are white drainage, eye tearing, ear swelling, and itchy eyelids. Our optometrist can treat both bacterial and viral pink eye.

Contact David R. Frazee, O.D., Our Trusted Optometrist in Richardson

Whether you need treatment for conjunctivitis or other eye conditions, come see us at David R. Frazee, O.D. Dr. Frazee is an American Board of Optometry diplomate who specializes in optometric glaucoma.

Our other services are designer frame and contact lens selection, senior eye care exams, Plaquenil retinal exams, diabetic eye exams, glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, sunglasses fittings, computer vision treatment, hard-to-fit contact fittings, and eye and vision exams. To learn more or get in touch with Dr. Frazee today, please contact us at 972-669-4141 or visit us on 1410 North Plano Road, Suite 100