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Our Richardson Eye Doctor Diagnoses and Treats Cataracts

Cataracts occur when the lens of your eye begins to cloud up. Your Richardson optometrist will take a careful examination of your eyes to determine if there are any cataracts building up on the lens of either of your eyes. Cataracts are common, and cataracts treatment involves removing the old lens of your eye and replacing it with a new one.

Man with Cataracts seeks treatment from his Richardson eye doctor.

Cataracts can occur at any time, but they generally begin to develop in your forties and beyond. Some babies are born with congenital cataracts, which may require specialized treatment. Cataracts form on your lens, making it more difficult for you to see.

Early Symptoms of Cataracts 

Cataracts are one of the eye diseases that are generally easy to treat. Early symptoms of cataracts are generally not present. You can be developing cataracts for years and not know it. This is why routine eye exams are so important. While you can't prevent cataracts from forming, your Richardson optometrist will talk with you about your treatment options if cataracts are starting to develop. 

Later Symptoms of Cataracts

Once your cataracts become worse, you may begin to have blurry vision, even with corrective lenses. Some patients complain about having trouble driving at night. This is usually caused by the light from oncoming vehicles. As cataracts get worse, it will become even more difficult to drive at night with the bright lights of other traffic. While you may simply think that your vision is starting to fail, cataract development can be fixed by replacing the lens on your eye.

Cataract surgery is a common surgery done by optometrists every day. While you ay be nervous about getting the surgery, there are very few risks involved. While you will need to put drops in your eyes for a few days, the recovery process is generally fast when you get cataract surgery. Complications from the surgery generally revolve around infections. With proper care of your eyes after surgery, you should be able to see much better almost immediately after the surgery.

How to Help Prevent Cataracts from Forming

Cataracts can also occur from secondary conditions. If you are diabetic and your blood sugar levels are out of control, cataracts can form. In addition, being around toxic substances or getting radiation can add to your risk of forming cataracts. Certain medications such as diuretics and corticosteroids can also cause cataracts to form. Drinking too much, cigarette smoking and being around air pollution also increase your risk of cataracts.

Contact Dr. David Frazee for More Information on Cataracts

When you need an optometrist in Richardson to discuss whether you have cataracts or not, it's time to contact the office of Dr. David Frazee at 972-669-4141, your Richardson optometrist and set up an initial consultation. If Dr. Frazee determines that you have cataracts, you'll talk together about a treatment plan to address your vision needs.