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Hard to Fit Contacts in Richardson, TX

Contact lenses offer a convenient way to correct your vision when you do not want to wear eyeglasses. If you have certain eye conditions, though, wearing contacts can be difficult. These conditions make contacts very uncomfortable to have in your eyes. Our hard to fit contacts in Richardson provide a good solution to this problem. These contacts make it possible for those with certain eye conditions to wear contact lenses for clearer vision. 

hard to fit contacts in Richardson, TX

Eye Conditions and Contacts

Dry eyes, astigmatism, and other eye conditions can affect your ability to wear traditional contact lenses. Traditional contacts can irritate dry eyes and make it feel as though you have something in your eye, while astigmatism causes bulging that makes it hard for contacts to properly correct blurry vision. Giant papillary conjunctivitis, which causes inflammation of the inner eyelids, makes it difficult to wear traditional contacts. These contacts can collect protein deposits, which make this condition worse. Keratoconus, a condition that causes the cornea to become thinner and bulging in the eye, can make contacts painful to wear. Presbyopia, a condition that usually affects people over 40, causes difficulty seeing items that are close to the face. 

Hard to Fit Contacts from our Optometrist in Richardson

Our optometrist in Richardson offers a number of hard to fit contacts that can be worn by people who have these conditions. These contacts differ from traditional lenses in terms of their form, which allows people to wear them comfortably for clearer vision. 

Gas permeable lenses- can usually be worn by people with keratoconus or GPC. These lenses have a semi-rigid design that keeps water out and lowers the risk of having protein deposits build up on them. This helps prevent GPC symptoms from becoming worse. Gas permeable lenses known as scleral lenses are also made to ease pressure and manage any bulging in the cornea for those who have keratoconus. 

Toric contact lenses- are generally used for those who have astigmatism. In fact, these lenses can be customized to correct specific astigmatism, resulting in contacts that are comfortable and able to help people with this condition see clearly. 

Bifocal lenses and multifocal lenses- are usually used for people who have presbyopia. These lenses allow the wear to see items that are up close and items that are far away with equal clarity. Those who have this condition can also wear monovision lenses to correct their vision.

For those who have dry eyes and cannot tolerate traditional contacts, medicated eye drops can help. Putting these drops in the eyes helps keep them moist enough to wear contact lenses comfortably. Eye drops can also help relieve the symptoms of GPC.

Visit Our Richardson Optometrist Today!

If you have a condition that requires the use of hard to fit contacts, please call 972-669-4141 to schedule an appointment. Our Richardson optometrist will discuss your options and make sure that you get contact lenses that provide a comfortable fit.