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How Glaucoma is Treated in Richardson

glaucoma treatment in RichardsonWhen detected early, Glaucoma is a manageable condition that can be treated with eye drops, pills, laser surgery, traditional surgery, or by combining a multitude of these treatments. The reason for treatment is to protect against future vision loss. Glaucoma that goes untreated could result in irreversible obstructed or loss of vision. However, most patients with glaucoma will not lose their eyesight if the detection is early enough and treatments are applied in a timely fashion. Patients who are taking medications on a regular basis should always let us know so as to ensure no adverse side effects that may cause vision impairments.

Glaucoma Treatment Options in Richardson:

Eye Drops

In order to control eye pressure, it’s critical to take medications exactly as they are prescribed. Using eye drops means that the medicine is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This means it’s important to list all the medications you are currently taking to make sure each one is safe to interact with the other. Mixing certain medication can be unsafe and we want to ensure that your wellness comes first.

To maximize the effectiveness of the drops, close eyes for one to two minutes after application then gently press down on the eyelid.


Prescription pills may be added to the glaucoma treatment when the eye drops aren’t working alone. This medication works in conjunction with the eye drops to reduce the eye fluid. Once again, it’s important to tell your doctor about other medications to ensure safety from additional side effects that may result.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery for glaucoma is becoming more and more popular as an option for treatment. In most cases, patients are in and out within thirty minutes. This treatment option is cutting-edge and quicker than some other routes. Patients often return home after the surgery with little interruption in activities. Talk to our Richardson optometrist to find out your options for this treatment.

Traditional Surgery

Traditional surgery is used when eye drops, pills, and laser surgery isn't effectively treating the damage. This procedure requires one of our doctors to release the excess fluid from the eye through surgery. This procedure may require follow-up visits and may also restrict activities for a period of time during recovery. About 50% of our patients are able to stop treatment after the procedure.

Stop by Dr. David Frazee’s Office Today!

Dr. David Frazee can help with customized treatment options and preventative measures to reduce your chance of glaucoma or to treat your present condition. Individual results may vary and side effects may be different for each patient.

For more information about how Dr. David Frazee treats glaucoma, give us a call at 972-669-4141!