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How to Overcome Computer Vision Syndrome in Richardson

At one point, computers were only used by specialists solving complex problems. Today they're everywhere, and we use them not only for work but also for everyday entertainment and communication. Unfortunately, staring at computer monitors and smartphone screens all day long can cause an uncomfortable problem called computer vision syndrome -- but that doesn't mean you have to give up your life's work or abandon all your digital devices. The optometry office of David R. Frazee, O.D. can help you overcome and avoid this issue.

computer vision in Richardson

Your Richardson Optometrist Discusses the Symptoms of Computer Vision

Computer vision syndrome, or CVS, is a state of fatigue and/or discomfort triggered by too much uninterrupted "screen time." Your eyes may feel tired, itchy, dry and gritty, and the eyes themselves may feel tired and overworked to the point that they can no longer focus and you experience double vision or blurriness. Tension headaches, tight shoulders, and neck pain are other CVS symptoms. The worst cases may be accompanied by migraines, nausea or loss of appetite.

Many different factors can contribute to a case of CVS. These may include:

  • Lighting - Artificial light and glare off of the monitor screen can fatigue the eyes. Reflections bouncing off of your glasses can also worsen CVS.
  • Monitor position - If your monitor is positioned too low, you may be straining your neck, shoulders and eye muscles.
  • Underlying vision problems - Untreated eye teaming/coordination problems, eye dominance issues, convergence insufficiency or refractive errors can make focusing a chore.
  • HEV light - The blue light emitted by LED screens can cause eyestrain. It also includes a frequency range called HEV light, which may be associated with an elevated risk of macular degeneration over time.

Treatment for Computer Vision Syndrome

Turn to our optometry clinic for effective computer vision treatment in Richardson TX. Our optometrist can determine the causes or causes of your CVS symptoms and then recommend a variety of helpful solutions for keeping the condition at bay. We may need to perform some eye tests to see whether you have a refractive error or eye function problem that needs to be addressed. If glare is the primary issue, we can fit you with anti-reflective lens coating and/or tinted computer glasses that block HEV light.

Our optometry clinic can also help you with ergonomic and lifestyle aspects of CVS. For instance, we can show you how high your monitor should be for easy, strain-free viewing and discuss adding more frequent breaks to your work schedule so you can blink and re-focus. You'll also learn how to adjust the lighting arrangement in your home or workplace for minimal glare and maximum eye comfort.

Call Our Optometry Office Today!

You demand enough from your eyes already without subjecting them to the pains and perils of CVS. Contact our optometry office of David R. Frazee, O.D. at 972-669-4141 or request an appointment online today!